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LADY IN THE DARK. Psychoanalysis as Broadway Show. Kurt Weill, Gershwin & Hart. Theater Basel.

Musical Play in two acts.

Musical Director Thomas Wise.

"Delia Mayer delivers a “My Ship” which is simultaneously heartbreaking and radiant (and impeccably sung), the song which channels her—and everybody’s— quiet shock of recognition and acceptance. Her performance reminded me that the song is about more than simply conquering emotional trauma; it is about self-reliance, self-care, and the freedom to experiment with the possibility of happiness." David Savran

"A stroke of luck - An extraordinary performance was offered on stage by the lead actress of the evening, the singer and actress Delia Mayer, crossing borders between language, dance and song - an absolute stroke of luck for such a play that broke all boundaries and demanded a lot from her as well as from the other numerous participants."

"First and foremost, Delia Mayer in the title role. The Swiss singer and actress gives Liza an impressive wealth of nuances, with her strong, versatile voice she hits Weill's music right down to the grand operatic gesture."

"Indeed, with the silver blond hairstyle and the same-coloured ladies' overalls, she reminds of Meryl Streep's Miranda Priestly; but she can also be incredibly funny, for example when she has her body optimised in the "Glamour Dream" and whirls across the stage like a "cellulite" full-body caricature."

"...ravishingly played and unaffectedly sung by Delia Mayer."

Torn between various covers, men and life plans, Liza Elliott, the successful editor of a fashion magazine, falls unrestrained into a burnout hole. She puts herself in the capable hands of a psychoanalyst who delves into her feelings by way of her dreams. In Kurt Weill's 1941 Broadway musical, Liza Elliot's dream world becomes an over-the-top revue spectacle featuring a full symphony orchestra. Following his successful production of ‹Cage of Fools / La cage aux folles› at Theater Basel, Martin G. Berger stages this Swiss premiere. Singer and actress Delia Mayer plays the lead role alongside Stefan Kurt.

Choreography – Marie-Christin Zeisset

Stage Design – Sarah Katharina Karl

Costume Design – Esther Bialas

Videodesign – Vincent Stefan

photos ©Ingo Höhn


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