"Unorthodoxly multi-talented Delia Mayer's brilliant performance as chassidic mother-in-law in newest Netflix Series "Unorthodox". isabella seemann

“Delia Mayer’s interpretation of Claire Zachanassian was subtle and always present. Her fine craft, her expression, gestures and body language underlined Claire’s longing for justice and understanding of law and order.”


“The Lucerne Symphony Orchestra and James Gaffigan presented a ravishing show. (…) The second surprise was the interpretation of the lead roles Anna 1 and Anna 2 by Delia Mayer. The actress and singer kept Anna’s innocence even when selling it in Brecht’s vicious fight for survival.” Luzerner Zeitung


“Delia Mayer thrilled the audience just as the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra under James Gaffigan did. She perfectly hit the balance between speaking and legit singing in the roles Anna 1 and Anna 2.” srf

“…with her album These Days she has hit the bull’s eye. A wonderfully relaxed and at the same time exciting piece of music (…)”


​“…the highlights on Delia Mayer’s debut album are sparkling like stars in the sky. A perceptive band and a radiant voice: a heavenly combination.” Sonntagszeitung

“Delia Mayer sings murder songs with her fabulous duo and wonderful jazz voice. (…) Equally strong as an actress, she is a fine jazz singer with a great sense of irony. St. Galler Tagblatt