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With passion I pass on what has inspired and shaped me in my artistic work and development in various fields and contexts. 


Whether on large or small stages, in front of the camera, as a singer and/or actor in music, theatre or music theatre productions, with bands or symphony orchestras, in music or audio play studios - the fields cross-fertilize and influence each other. So does my teaching and coaching in singing, vocal development and technique, lyrics and song analysis and interpretation, stage presence for singers, actors and others, film script analysis and character  development or camera work.  


The focus of my vocal teaching is the development of the natural voice, finding your expression and authenticity in your personal sound and interpretation. The development of self-awareness of the instrument, exploring of breathing, the mechanics of the vocal instrument, work on vocal blockages play a key role. This lays the foundation for a profound understanding of songs, lyrics and a free and authentic interpretation.


Through my work in a variety of artistic and musical fields, I teach a technique that has developed from the interaction between different technical approaches (functional voice training, bel canto, belting), vocal styles, musical genres (classical & contemporary, jazz, pop & chanson, improvisation) and my cross-disciplinary experience on stage.


My work as an acting coach is based on the techniques of Sandford Meisner, Lee Strasberg, Eric Morris, years of continuous coaching work with Giles Foreman Center for Acting and many years of experience on stage and in front of the camera. Having the focus on script, scene & character analysis, I develop a tool for authentic access to material, concrete preparation and work on the film set or stage, in private lessons or workshops.


I understand teaching as a mutual process: fostering the student's independence, working on abilities and skills that assure independence to develop ones own craft and to find inspired answers to ever emerging questions. To me it is as horizon-expanding as it is natural to always keep questioning and redefine for myself and with my students.

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